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How A Heavy School Bag Affects Our Child’s Health

Nowadays, children carrying extra heavy items to school is all too common. A large number of children suffer from growing deformities that cannot be corrected, and are caused by a direct result of carrying a heavy weight on their backs or in heavy school bags. Back pain and spinal abnormalities are extremely common in children as young as 10 years old. Some of the common issues children face these days are excessive fatigue, muscle and back pain, poor body posture, lumbar pains, neck and shoulder pains, an abnormal curvature of the spine, etc.
In some cases, children often carry their bag on one shoulder placing prolonged weight to one side of the body. This particularly causes back pain and severe strain to the neck and shoulder. The straps of the backpacks also cause injury by interfering with the nerves and blood circulation.
These issues can cause long-term damage for children as they grow. A child’s body is constantly growing and developing and their skeleton gets deformed because of the weight of the backpack and this can cause severe long-lasting damage. Poorly designed backpacks cause long-term back problems with poor posture, spine deformity, etc. that makes it difficult for the child to function normally. Identification of the problem at an early age is extremely important. Heavy backpacks cause back, neck and shoulder pain and this pain becomes worse if kids have sedentary lifestyles.
The health concerns caused due to heavy backpacks can definitely be prevented by early identification of these problems. Parents need to identify signs at an early stage. If the child complaints of back, neck or shoulder pains, leg pains, severe fatigue, or they are straining forward when carrying a backpack, get this checked with a specialist in order to understand the cause. The overall weight of your child’s back pack should not be more than 15% of your child’s overall weight.